A Management PhD candidate at DMSOB at USC is studying the experiences of professionals within coworking spaces – with a focus on understanding members’ motives for choosing coworking spaces, as well as the personal/professional implications of that choice.

For this study, they are interested in virtually interviewing some of our members. Each participant will receive a $25 Amazon e-gift card upon completion of the 45-75 minute interview, which would be scheduled for sometime in June.

The study has the approval and authorization of USC’s Institutional Review Board, and their goal is to report findings in a top-tier academic journal. The identity of participants and where they work will be hidden when reporting their results.

If you’re interested in participating, complete this pre-interview questionnaire, and follow the instructions from there. If you have specific study-related questions or concerns, feel free to contact christina.hymer@grad.moore.sc.edu.

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