With everyone running on different schedules, our team wondered: COULD we figure a way to safely host a member meet-up/happy hour, to hear what everyone’s up to and help more of you meet one another?

And we did! We’re going to use The Sandbox (the big room with the sofas), and designate 20 places to sit that are all 6 feet apart. Attendees will grab a drink from the lobby — or BYOB — go to one of the designated seats, and remain in that seat for the entire event. We’ll do self-introductions, answer questions, tell stories, and just generally have a fun, safe, undoubtedly-unpredictable time.

Obviously, attendance is limited, so if you want to participate, email Sally asap and she’ll send you the full details. If we run out of spots early, we’ll look at scheduling another session. We are looking forward to sharing a mid-summer toast with you!

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