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P3 Group is a management consultancy with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany with a current staff of over 1000 employees across the globe. The P3 Group draws its clients primarily from the automotive, energy, manufacturing, and public sector. Service & products: Operations & Supply Chain Management Technology Consulting (Electric Mobility) Digital Solutions (Software Consulting) P3 Group operates 9 legal entities, with 20 offices across the globe. US main office is Greenville, SC.

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Specializing In:

App Development, Business Growth Strategies, Business Intelligence, Innovation Consulting, Production Management, Strategic Consulting

Company Contacts:

Walter Kaufmann
+1 (864) 887-0943
[email protected]

Jason Wolf
Operations & Supply Chain Lead
[email protected]

Kara Petrisko
Administrative Assistant
+1 (864) 608 9577
[email protected]

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