Endeavor Summer Series: 5 Questions with Beth Gibson

By Taylor Wright, Communications Coordinator


June 15th, 2023 – Hi everyone, Taylor Wright here! I’m always looking for an opportunity to get to know our Endeavor members, so what better way than a summer series of interviews? The first person we are highlighting is Beth Gibson. We discussed her company, Planning Solutions Corp (founded in 2002), and found out more about who she is to her clients. Planning Solutions Corp focuses on making a difference in the local community. They provide an array of professional planning services focused on high-level strategy advice and project oversight/program management for private, non-profit, and public-sector clients. Beth describes herself, first and foremost, as a dreamer and doer. She is a visionary with a practical drive for the clients she serves. Find out more about Beth in her answers below.


  • What made you go into this industry?
    • “The industry is unique because the company I created is based on my own skill set. It’s sort of a boutique company that plays to my specific and unique skills. I ended up here through my career as I worked in local, regional, and state government. Then after that, I went into private consulting for an engineering firm. Based on that I saw how I could help clients and people. We inspire, imagine, and implement the impossible. I give people hope and my clients believe in what I’m saying. I see the big picture and then I can figure out the steps to accomplish the big picture.”


  • How do you have confidence in knowing that you’re making the right steps for your client?
    • “I never know the answer in the beginning and that’s the hardest part. What I’ve learned is that I can look back and build on things from past experiences. Our process is cyclical, not linear. Passion, positioning, and perseverance is my approach. First off, I don’t take on a client if I’m not excited about their journey and the synapsis is firing about what they could do. If I don’t see it, then I can’t connect to them. That passion carries me through the process. The positioning is the implementation of defining what it is and making sure it’s specific enough to execute. It’s a lot of storytelling. What is the need and who is the user? Perseverance is repeatedly trying and failing. It’s a long view for us and our clients.”


  • What makes coworking an attractive option for you and your company?
    • “This is my first time coworking in 20 years. The first few years of the company, I worked from home and then I had an office for me and my employees. I think collaboration and having other people around helps me. I like to move around while I work so having different rooms to sit to break up the stagnant view is great. All the services you get with coworking, you don’t have to worry about anything.”


  • What is your favorite aspect of Endeavor’s offerings?
    • “You guys are setting up opportunities for people to connect in and outside of the office. I met a potential client at the first Collaborators with no problem. And within the office, it’s kind of like a family here. One of the things I really appreciated was the Christmas party, I haven’t experienced a Christmas party in years. I invited my son and husband and being able to incorporate my own family with my work family was nice. You instantly feel connected here.”


  • What’s your superpower?
    • “My superpower is making an immediate connection with someone once we meet. I really like to make a difference and help people. The specific thing that really drives me is that people don’t know what they can do. They limit themselves and I hate that. Don’t put yourself in a box. You can do this!”


Beth Gibson is a true inspiration, and I enjoyed my time getting to know more about her. That is what makes Endeavor great, there is always an opportunity to dive into a person’s story, making someone who would otherwise be a stranger, a new connection. Find out more about Beth through her LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/beth-gibson-6180197/