6 Benefits of Transitioning to a Coworking Space

If you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or even an employee of a large company, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of coworking spaces. Instead of worrying about managing an entire building, it’s simple: you can shift your working model to share a spacious office building with like-minded individuals from various fields and disciplines. The concept has been around for more than ten years, but that doesn’t mean the innovations stopped. As a growing trend among entrepreneurs looking to save costs, network, and expand their social network, working in a coworking space like Endeavor could be your next smart move.

6 Exciting Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Coworking has several distinct benefits that make it ideal for many different situations. Here’s what that might look like for you and how these spaces can help expand what you thought possible of your business:

1. Fewer Distractions

A home office may seem the most economical workplace for freelancers, small business owners, or startup entrepreneurs. The downside? Working out of your home can be distracting! How are you supposed to focus with dogs in the background or children running loose? Coworking spaces help you avoid those distractions and stay focused, ultimately making you more productive in less time

2. More Structure and Routine

One of the hardest things about working from home is that it’s easy to become unstructured and unproductive. You might start with the intention of getting everything done by lunchtime—but like most people, you get sidetracked and miss your deadline. 

One of the benefits of coworking spaces is that it allows you to set boundaries between your work life and personal life. This distinction can also improve your work/life balance. By taking your work away from your living room, you can be more present at home when you finally finish the workday and kick back to relax.

3. Flexibility in Your Work Schedule

Some offices might make employees feel like they’re obligated to stay at their desks, even if they prefer a more dynamic environment to get things done. One of the most valuable benefits of coworking spaces is that they offer you the flexibility to work at convenient times. You don’t have to worry about getting to work or leaving at a specific time. You can come and go to coworking spaces whenever you please within the operating hours. In fact, Endeavor offers memberships that allow  24/7 access to members. If a good idea hits you at 2 A.M., you don’t have to wait to get started!

Coworking spaces also offer you the freedom to work from a variety of set-ups over the course of your day. At Endeavor anyone can choose from a standing desks, traditional worktables or comfy chairs and couches – in a Quiet Room or a more lively coffee shop-style space overlooking City Plaza. If you prefer your own dedicated space, Private Desks and Offices are also part of the membership menu.

4. Networking Opportunities

Networking is no longer limited to forced meetings in hotel lobbies or awkward conversations over lukewarm coffee. With coworking spaces, your next great business connection might be right around the corner or sitting at the desk next to you. By working in a shared space, a diverse group of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and others with whom you can collaborate are all around you. This environment will boost your professional network, but it will also help you stay energized while working solo.

5. Solidarity with Other Freelancers and Remote Workers

When you’re at your best, you’ll want to be surrounded by others striving for the same. Coworking spaces offer the chance to make friendships with people who might become your colleagues or bond over the quirks of your shared working situation. Over Endeavor’s 6+ years, we’ve seen many members partner on projects or hire another member to provide services like digital marketing, video production or even accounting.

When you’re freelancing or growing a business, it can feel like no one understands what’s going on in your life (especially when times get tough). If you surround yourself with people experiencing similar ups and downs every day, you build your support network—you might even find someone to join you for a stress-free happy hour.

6. Cost-Effective

When working in a traditional office, the business owner often signs a lease for one to three years. Most of your rent goes toward the square footage you use for your business and the services you receive like utilities and Internet. But if you’re a small business or entrepreneur just starting your journey, it’s not always ideal to commit to long-term office space—especially when the budget is tight.

Coworking spaces are different. They offer flexible options that allow you to pay only for the time you need, and minimize your startup costs. There are no leases at Endeavor; even the 1-year Office agreements are considered Memberships, and many plans are month-to-month, so all expenses are limited to what you use each month. You’ll find that coworking spaces are more cost-effective than shared offices or executive suites because your space, office machines, utilities and even coffee are rolled up into your one membership payment.

Enhance Your Productivity by Transitioning to a Coworking Space

Endeavor is a coworking community that offers a professional setting for individuals and small, growing businesses to thrive. Being in the same space has excellent perks like helping each other out, sharing ideas, and collaborating. It’s more than just working next to one another; at Endeavor, we’re a great community of entrepreneurs and small businesses working together. We invite you to learn more about our coworking space, pricing, and amenities by chatting with our team.