by Kylie Miller

Communications Coordinator, Endeavor

Jason Blumer records Thriveal podcast from his office at Endeavor
Jason Blumer of Thriveal CPA Network prepping to record a podcast from his office at Endeavor.

Last month, Mashable wrote an article listing their top podcasts for achieving 2021 New Year’s resolutions, which inspired us to create our own — with a bit of Endeavor flair. Maybe self-improvement is at the core of your 2021 intentions, maybe you’re considering launching a show and seeking inspiration, or maybe “listen to more podcasts” is a resolution of its own (and a perfectly good one at that!). 


Not sure where to start? Nourish your mind and tap into fascinating stories of the Upstate with this list (episodes available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube & more).


Produced by our very own Endeavor members:


Understand SC: Weekly podcast that explains important issues in our state and the context that gives them meaning. Brought to us by the Post & Courier reporting team.




Fire at Will: Honest conversations with the people behind the businesses in your neighborhood. This is the story of how they thrive in a local economy. Hosted by Will Stewart of 9/8 Central. Be sure to check out his all-star cast of interviewees, who also happen to be Endeavor members! The celebrity sightings around here are no joke.


Erick Arbé | Jason Blumer  | Lindsey Stemann  | Andy Mendelsohn  | Olivia Esquivel 



The Strong Web: Podcast for entrepreneurs who love 💪🏼 fitness. Hosted by Erick Arbé, a web developer, entrepreneur, and CrossFit addict – each episode will dive into the minds of incredible developers, athletes, and everyone in between. 




Thriveal Podcast: “Accounting podcast goodness” and all things entrepreneurship for CPA firms and business owners. Hosted by Jason Blumer. 







For more local Greenville podcasts, take a look at GVLtoday’s full list. 


Some of our other favorites:

Riveting stories from hosts who are near and dear to us. 


TED Talks Daily
TED Talks Daily: Digestible and thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable, every weekday. Hosted by NPR journalist, former WYFF reporter, and friend of Endeavor, Elise Hu. Episodes we recommend: 


Murder, Etc.
Murder, Etc.: After 40 years of secrets, a celebrated Southern city is reckoning with its dark past… Can anyone guess which city that might be? True Crime, but make it Greenville. Hosted by Brad Willis, former Collaborators & Cocktails crowd-favorite speaker at Endeavor. Start with Episode 1: 


The Sophisticated Professional
The Sophisticated Professional: Interviews with business owners who are rocking their industry, especially here in Greenville. Check out the episode featuring two of our favorite people: 


Alchemy Comedy Podcast
Alchemy Comedy Podcast: Bringing you improv, stand up, and interviews from the downtown comedy theater’s players and guests to help fill your day with laughter. Hosted by Greenville Chamber Business Growth Manager and local comedian Andrew Van (he does it all, ladies and gentlemen!). 


Curious what topped the Mashable master list? Their sweeping collection includes, but is not limited to: 


What life-changing podcasts did we miss? Let us know what shows you deem Essential Listening for 2021 in the comments.