Pictured here: Arbé Digital, Upper West Creative, Unicomm Media Group, Infinity Marketing, Blumer & Associates, Endeavor
Endeavor members share the inspiration behind their brand logos (Pictured here: Arbé Digital, Upper West Creative, Unicomm Media Group, Infinity Marketing, Blumer & Associates, CPAs, Endeavor)


Endeavor, downtown GVL’s coworking community for creatives and professionals, spoke with several of its members – experts in creative, digital and entrepreneurship – about the process behind developing their company logos. Bonus: Each member shared some of their best advice for others looking to develop a perfect brand identity.

1. Arbé Digital 

Biz: Web Design + Development 

Members: Erick Arbe (Full Stack Developer) + Danielle Arbe (Account Director)

Founding Date: 2010

Number of Employees: 2

Endeavor Membership Type: 24/7 Private Desks

 Arbé Digital Logo


Q: What’s the origin of your name?

A: We spent almost a year trying to come up with words, numbers and ideas that we could agree on, or more importantly, weren’t already taken by another agency or company. It sounds easy because we ultimately landed on our last name, Arbé. Digital was added because we primarily design and develop websites and apps for all types of businesses.


Q: What did you consider when designing the logo?

A: To us, the palm tree represents our desire to travel. Having your own digital business allows slightly more freedom to work from anywhere. The colors, font and actual design of the Arbé Digital logo are classic, legible and the aqua color adds a pop of fun. (Yes, we spent hours picking the perfect aqua).


Q: And the meaning behind it?

A: Palm trees are flexible, without breaking, which translates to our easy-going work style. We pride ourselves on doing what we say and being easy to work with.


Q: Tell us about your logo refresh.

A: Arbé Digital was just renamed and rebranded in 2020. After Erick Arbé secured sole ownership of AO Studios that he co-founded in 2010, and I left my prior advertising agency, it was time for a rebrand that reflected our new focus.


Q: Advice to others?


1. Be patient.

2. Revisit ideas that may not have been “love at first sight/thought.”

3. Everyone has opinions, make sure you love your logo and can defend it against any people who may question your choices

4. Once you have a shortlist of names, Google them! See if any other companies like yours exist with that name. Then look up the domain name for your company and buy it, if available. Finding a URL can be another big decision when naming or renaming your company.

2. Upper West Creative

Biz: Branding, Advertising & Design Work

Members: Andy Mendelsohn (Founder & Creative Director)

Founding Date: 2014

Number of Employees: 1 (plus freelancers)

Endeavor Membership Type: 24/7 Private Office 

Upper West Creative Logo


Q: What’s the origin of your name?

A: I lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and now I’m in the Upper West Corner of South Carolina. And my accountant said I had five minutes to come up with a name.


Q: What did you consider when designing the logo?

A: I wanted something that felt a little more urban since I love the energy and diversity of cities. And the colors just seemed a little unusual for an urban feel, but optimistic and energetic.


Q: And the meaning behind it?

A: We move quickly, have street smarts, don’t suffer fools, get results, care a lot about what we do, and attract great talent. I hope it does all that.


Q: Advice to others?

A: Care about it. Make sure it gives you and your team something to live up to. And make it professional enough so that it attracts good clients and customers. Don’t get too corny or crazy, or conversely, too boring.


3. Unicomm Media Group 

Biz: Full-service Hispanic marketing, consulting and advertising firm

Members: Ramon Nieves-Lugo (Principal)

Founding Date: 1993

Number of Employees: 15

Endeavor Membership Type: Daytime Access 5 days/month 

Unicomm Media Group (UMG) Logo

Q: What’s the origin of your name?

A: Many ad agencies use the founder’s name, but we wanted to take a different route. Our mission is to enhance the Hispanic culture and help brands increase their influence in the Hispanic market. So we wanted to use a name that is about one: about one multicultural community.


Q: What did you consider when designing the logo?

A: Since UMG is a Hispanic marketing agency, on the path to become a multi-cultural marketing agency, the use of multiple colors symbolizes the vibrant Hispanic aesthetics, as well as the diversity of cultures UMG represents.


Q: And the meaning behind it?

A: We want to make sure we convey diversity and growth.


Q: Advice to others?

A: First, ask yourself why you need a new or refreshed logo, and then ask why seven times. I say this because you need to focus on the trajectory of where your business or brand is going. If a new or refreshed logo helps you get there, then it is a no-brainer to do it. We know where we are going, and our change reflects our desire to reach our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).


4. Infinity Marketing 

Biz: Full-Service Integrated Marketing

Members: Tony Williams (President & CEO)

Founding Date: 1993

Number of Employees: 75 

Endeavor Membership Type: Corporate Member 

Infinity Marketing Logo

Q: What’s the origin of your name?

A: I was going down the highway one day and a new Infiniti car passed by. I liked the idea of infinity, so I researched it and saw the definition was ‘unlimited time and space.’ The company’s initial services were very much focused on media buying, the purchasing of time and space across various channels. 

As I launched the company, I knew I wanted to blow up the traditional agency model. It was important for me to learn as much as I could about my clients’ business and their goals, so I could provide the right solutions to their challenges. As I thought more and more about how I wanted to serve my clients, the idea of “the possibilities are endless” came to mind. And from all that came the name, Infinity Marketing.


Q: Who designed the logo?

A: One of my best friends’ father is a renowned international artist in Greenville, Renato Moncini. Renato has done many Greenville landscapes as well as other famous landscapes across the world. As I was telling him about my new company, he said he’d be honored to design the logo for me. I told him the name was Infinity and that blue was my favorite color. I shared with him that I was looking for a visual that represented constant evolution. He took that and created the beautiful logo that we still have today.


Q: And the meaning behind it?

A: At Infinity, we truly believe that anything is possible. Our name speaks to the fact that we will seek and discover solutions based on each of our clients’ specific needs and goals. As our world has continued to change faster than ever, there are so many options for companies to consider. 

We are proud and fortunate that we have been able to keep pace with an ever-changing marketplace and provide relevant solutions to our clients. At our core, relationships are foundational to Infinity. Throughout our 27+ years in business, we strive to develop relationships, personally and professionally, that are endless. Hence “the possibilities are endless.”


Q: Tell us about your logo refresh.

A: The Infinity logo was created in 1993 when I started the company. We have never rebranded, but in 2014 we did slightly adjust the shade of the Infinity blue and the resolution of our brandmark for more versatility in digital executions.


Q: Advice to others?

A: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I have had people over the years tell me I needed to update or redo my logo. I always asked, ‘Why?’ That is the first question I would encourage any company to ask themselves when considering a new or refreshed logo. Is there a need? What will a new logo or brandmark do for your business? We have been fortunate over the years that our brand identity and logo has continued to grow more and more relevant. Now, more so than any other time in marketing, the possibilities are truly endless.


5. Blumer & Associates, CPAs, PC  

Biz: Accounting +& Business/Growth/Innovation Consulting for Creative Agencies

Members: Jason Blumer (CEO) + Julie Shipp (Owner) 

Founding Date: 1997

Number of Employees: 10 

Endeavor Membership Type: 24/7 Private Office 

Blumer & Associates, CPAs Logo

Q: What’s the origin of your name?

A: [Jason’s] Dad started our company back in 1997, so we named it after both of the founders.


Q: What did you consider when designing the logo?

A: We have a fun and kitschy brand since we serve creative digital agencies. We needed to stand out and so we commissioned a designer to hand letter our logo and then make it blink! Our logo blinks on the front of our site.


Q: And the meaning behind it?

A: We are an approachable brand, and we welcome and understand the creativity of selling creative services and building a creative company.


Q: Tell us about your logo refresh.

A: Our current logo was created back in 2014. Now that we have been serving the creative digital agency market for over a decade, we have matured as a brand. So it’s time for a rebrand now which we are in the initial stages of considering and thinking through. We will always have a brand that positions us as different, but we need to reflect more of the wisdom of our team and founders to aid digital agencies in growing their companies.

Q: Advice to others?

A: A brand certainly does matter, so use a professional you trust to guide you through the process. Your brand will likely be part of how you are represented online for a long time, so make sure you spend the time it takes to get it right.


Bonus: What about Endeavor?

Endeavor (Creative Collaborative Community) Logo

The core of Endeavor’s brand identity lies in that one word: “Endeavor.” It’s a noun, a verb and an imperative. It’s aspirational, confident and bold. And it’s also the name of a NASA rocket. Space shuttles are all about unity and collaboration in a bold mission, and so is Endeavor. 


The mission is to help community-minded, creative professionals succeed.  With the company name as the guiding framework, Endeavor’s logo came to life in 2015. The bold, saturated color choices were inspired by the hues found in an igniting fire — flame blue and red.