National Take Your Dog to Work Day with Caper the Corgi



July 24, 2022 – Today is National Take Your Dog to Work Day! Although our beloved ONE tower does not allow dogs, we feel fortunate that our very own Caper, the goodest of good girls, is the exception to the rule. (She’s even written into our lease – nicknamed the ‘Caper Clause!’)

To celebrate Caper and all the other good doggos out there, we decided to do some research not only on how this holiday came to be but also the benefits a canine companion in the workplace can bring.

Celebrated annually on the Friday after Father’s Day, National Take Your Dog to Work Day began in 1999 by PSI (Pet Sitters International) to creatively promote pet adoptions. The intent was for non-pet owners to witness the special bond their co-workers had with their pets and hopefully decide to adopt a forever friend of their own.


Here’s a few of our favorite benefits of a dog in the workplace:

  • Dogs set a paws-itive mood
    • Playing with a pup at work is (almost) always guaranteed to put a smile on employees’ faces. Studies show that even a small amount of time with a pup can increase the brain’s production of oxytocin (the happiness hormone).
  • Dogs Reduce Stress and Boost Productivity
    • A study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University found employees who brought their dogs to work experienced lower stress levels, reported higher levels of job satisfaction and had a more positive perception of their employer. It also ensures you stand up every now and then to give your pup a walk, which also improves productivity and overall health.
  • Dogs Promote Interaction
    • In many offices, people sit alone and in front of computers. Dogs are conversation starters. It’s a change in dynamic in the office that can easily gather colleagues together and increase social interactions.


So, burn off some steam and come give Caper the Corgi some love today – or really any day, because in Caper’s world, every day is National Take Your Dog to Work Day. You can find her lounging in her favorite spot, the always-cool floor of the Flight Deck!