6 Tips to Host a Successful Business Event

Planning a major event can be stressful for any business owner. There are many moving parts to worry about—and the last-minute responsibilities may seem endless. Before getting too intimidated, remember that hosting an incredibly successful business conference or event is well within your grasp! 

Hosting an Effective Conference at a Cowork Space in Greenville, SC

The team at Endeavor is ready to help you plan a successful business event in Greenville; in fact, it’s one of our specialties. With over 20,000 square feet in downtown’s ONE tower overlooking City Plaza, it’s the perfect location to serve as the backdrop for your plans.

No matter the circumstances of your event, we’re here to help. These tips should help you strategize effectively, achieve the outcomes you desire – and give your guests a valuable and memorable experience :

1. Know Your Why

Knowing the “why” behind what you’re doing may seem like an obvious first step. Your event team needs to get as detailed and specific in their planning as possible—and that requires a north star. Making decisions during crunch time can be challenging without a shared vision. A vision can help you define those nitty-gritty details such as who the ideal attendee at this event might be, why they should attend and what they will receive from the experience.

Once you fill in these blanks, you’ll have a more nuanced idea of how to meet your specifications and your guests’ expectations. Additionally, knowing your company’s “why” will help give every team member a more distinct sense of purpose throughout the planning process.

2. Pick the Right Venue

A great venue is critical to a successful business event. Depending on the size of your company, a certain cowork space in Greenville, SC, might just be the perfect fit. These workspaces combine an engaging,  comfortable atmosphere with professional poise to wow your guests and make your business event unforgettable. Your location should be versatile and provide all the resources you need to pull off the event, from small breakout rooms for quick meetings to large screens for presentations, and flexible food and bar set-up resources. 

3. Set Specific Goals

You may have a general idea of what you want your business event to accomplish from your “why,” but you still need concrete benchmarks to work toward. If your event is a fundraiser, what exact dollar amount are you aiming to raise? If your event involves recruitment for new business, how many new clients are you seeking to sign? These clear goals will give your team the drive they need to help reach them.

4. Plan Thoroughly

Planning should begin long before your event is on the calendar. Once you’ve gone over big-picture items like your “why” and specific goals, it’s time to get into the details of the event day—minute by minute.

What will the flow of your venue be and how will guests interact with the space? Where will guests park? What information does a guest need beforehand? What physical takeaways do your guests need to help remind them of their experience? What technical equipment do you need to run the show? What follow up will your team with guests after the event is over?

Ensure all of these questions and more are answered well before event day to keep all vendors and staff on the same page.

5. Make Things Easy for Your Guests

As you imagine the ideal experience for each guest at your business event, it’s essential to keep the concept of “ease” at the top of your mind. 

Think of your event in terms of its guest touchpoints. Each interaction matters, from their entrance at the door to interpersonal interactions or communication with staff and vendors.

 Each interaction should be as frictionless as possible. Make sure registration is convenient and quick, front door check-in takes no more than a few seconds and your venue is easily accessible to visitors.

6. Don’t Forget Promotion

A perfectly planned business event will fall flat if you don’t reach the attendance numbers you want. That’s why promotion is such a crucial piece of the puzzle! Make sure a dedicated part of your team is working to connect with potential attendees regularly leading up to the event, whether through emails, social media posts, local event calendars or personal phone calls.

It’s Time to Send Invites

You’ve planned and prepared, now it’s time for your company to shine! To learn more about how Endeavor helps business owners to create compelling events, reach out to our team today. We’re excited to help you bring your vision to life!