by Kylie Miller

Communications Coordinator, Endeavor


You love your family and cherish quality time with them, but you also have deadlines to meet. While they might not understand the need to remain productive over the holidays, our team at Endeavor certainly does.


When you’re jammed into a relative’s makeshift “office” (a.k.a. the kitchen table) with spotty Wi-Fi, constant interruptions, passive-aggressive guilt trips, the lure of tempting leftovers and the well-meaning but incessant “How’s work going, sweetie?”… it’s time to find a more productive workspace. Coworking day passes are an easy pay-as-you-go option for knocking out that to-do list so you can get back to holiday fun with family and friends. 


If you’re traveling to Greenville for the holidays and planning to work remotely, Endeavor might be a perfect work/life balance resource to help keep everyone happy this holiday season. We love helping our visitors feel at home!



Our Top 5 Tips for Working Remotely Over the Holidays:


1. Be confident in your schedule (a.k.a. everyone’s favorite: “time management”)


Step one is to focus on the things you can control. The #WorkFromAnywhere era makes it easy to craft flexible work schedules and juggle meetings with family time, but a word of caution here: Don’t try to game the system. It’s easy to fall into the trap of ineffective multitasking, and by spreading yourself too thin, suddenly your win-win is a lose-lose. 


It’s essential to be realistic about your schedule and to communicate your plans with loved ones. Block off time for important meetings and projects and set clear boundaries between work/family time. Share your calendar in advance so they’ll know you aren’t ignoring them, and so you can hold yourself accountable. 



2. Have an “escape route” – do your research ahead of time!


This one might sound insensitive. We’d never want to “escape” from home… but having a plan in place just in case things get unmanageable is always good. Don’t wait until the morning of your most important year-end Zoom call to realize, “Yeah… this isn’t gonna work.” 


If you’re worried about ditching the family, keep this in mind: They notice when you’re sitting at home acting disconnected and distracted; they notice a lot less when you’re gone for a few hours… 


Do a quick Google search to seek out local coworking spaces and give them a call to understand different drop-in options, rates and safety precautions. Take note of which factors matter most to you: Location? Can I just walk-in? What’s the vibe? Are conference rooms included? Coffee? Parking? Perks? 


Here, we’ll get your list started for you:

Day Passes


3. This is a great chance to meet with local clients and reconnect with old business contacts. You just need a professional place to do it!


Everyone is craving some face-to-face meetings and human connection; but, we also want to make smart choices and follow proper safety precautions. 

Take being back in Greenville for the holidays as a chance to connect with family and friends, but also consider meeting with business colleagues. This might be your first chance to meet someone you work with virtually every day — or even the person who hired you during the pandemic — in real life. 

Endeavor is a popular choice for meeting space and event rentals. We have 20,000 sq ft and a variety of conference rooms — large enough for 10 to meet, or smaller options for 1-on-1 conversations. 

About Endeavor

Endeavor is a membership-based co-working and shared office space community for creative and entrepreneurial professionals, as well as corporate teams and business travelers. Endeavor’s premium location in the ONE Development in Greenville, SC provides members with state-of-the-art work and meeting spaces, and uniquely, surrounds them with a diverse array of peers who offer a broad range of services and experience. Training opportunities, networking events and business consulting are available for the professionals who call Endeavor home every day, as well as business team members across the region. Endeavor has been recognized as the winner of the Coworker Member’s Choice Award for Greenville, SC. For more information, visit endeavorgreenville.com.




Bonus Tip: Break for lunch. Located in the heart of downtown Greenville, we’re surrounded by unique shops, 200+ restaurants within a 10 block radius and the beautiful Falls Park just a 10 minute walk away. 




4. Health and safety are paramount this year


While a “coworking” space might sound out of the question amidst a global pandemic (are you conjuring images of social happy hours, shared food, strangers crammed at one long table?), in actuality, the most professionally-run coworking spaces quickly implemented strict protocols in order to re-open safely and ensure the safety of their guests. 


With 20,000 sq ft to easily social distance and remain 6ft apart from fellow workers, sanitization stations everywhere and a cleaning staff coming in 3-5x per day, making Endeavor your shared office for a few days doesn’t have to compromise the health of you and your loved ones. 




5. Put your OOO message up and say you aren’t available

Here’s a good rule of thumb for remote workers: Act as if you actually took vacation days from the office. If your email says “Out of Office,” then log off. If you truly need to work, then better to invest in a safe space that you can treat like the real office. 


When it’s time to gather around the tree, build gingerbread houses or Zoom with the extended family, you’re entering the no-work-zone. We’ve compiled this list because we’d hate for you to lose any holiday cheer or much-needed R&R over a stressful work environment or looming deadlines. 


Endeavor is a modern, creative coworking space for professionals located in the heart of downtown Greenville, SC. Our mission is to level the playing field for entrepreneurs by giving them the tools to excel: comfortable workspaces, private offices, first-class technology and conference/meeting rooms that impress clients. 


With sanitation stations, cleaning multiple times per day, private phone booths and plenty of room for social distancing, Endeavor is a safe in-person option. Whether you’re just in town for a few days or staying the whole month, Endeavor is happy to have you. 


Give us a call at 864-720-1800 or email [email protected] to walk through our amenities and membership options.