Entrepreneurs Sobocinski & Erwin Wow Sold-Out Audience

Endeavor’s April 24th Collaborator’s & Cocktails speaker series featured two Greenville creative masterminds who carry almost as many accolades as the city itself: restaurateur and euphoria founder Carl Sobocinski, and Endeavor’s very own Joe Erwin.

A sold-out room of entrepreneurs, young leaders and seasoned professionals got a front row seat to watch and laugh as two friends of 30+ years discussed the highlights, lessons and tough decisions that come along with entrepreneurship, as well as discussing a topic we can never hear enough about: food.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Believe in your creation. Don’t lose that magic that inspired you in the first place, find meaning in what you do, and see the impact your work has on others. What you create is what you leave behind. What you create is something even bigger than us.
  • Failure is a part of success. That’s okay. Yes, failing feels terrible, but you can’t be afraid of it. Whatever happens, learn from it, and take those lessons with you as you continue your journey. If Joe or Carl had given up the first time they failed…well, we can’t even imagine what Greenville would be today.
  • It takes a village. When you build a community around you and do good work, people are willing to get on the ship with you. Create something people want to be a part of, and return that loyalty and support as they chase their own dreams.
  • Give back. Invest in your community and realize it’s bigger than you. Giving back doesn’t need to be monetary. As they say, time is money.
  • Fight fearlessly. Take a bold position and hold your own. Some people may be bothered, but let them be bothered. Own your creativity, your passion, and your drive.

Last but not least, we learned two key pieces of information that everyone in the room that night will remember: Joe Erwin does, in fact, like oysters. And, perhaps more surprising, Carl Sobocinski’s favorite role in the kitchen is…doing the dishes.

The candid conversation between Carl and Joe was savory and we left with inspiration and ambition, as well as excitement to try Table 301’s newest concept Tavola, opening in July at BridgeWay Station.