Endeavor’s 2nd annual 12 Days of Members

By Taylor Wright, Communications Coordinator


December 5th 2022 – We’re excited to showcase another set of Endeavor members through our annual 12 Days of Members series. This process is always a pleasure for me to get to know our members on a more individual and personal level. So many fun facts! The business of Endeavor is rooted in the spirit of collaboration, and we are all about being a resource to our members and facilitating new connections. So, in case you missed our features on Instagram or Facebook, get to know some of the wonderful people who make up this community and help make our workdays brighter here at Endeavor.


1.Christy Gordon with MCA Connect




2. Katie Egan with Deloitte




3. J.J. Puryear with Upper West Creative




4. Ashley Brown with Execusource




5. Erick Arbé with Arbé Digital and Willio




6. Ken Zwerdling with Global Expansion Inc.




7. Lindsey McMillion Stemann with McMillion Consulting




8. Caleb Weberg with Deloitte




9. Maggie Martin with Logitech




10. Alan Grubbs with Endeavor




11. Caroline Liller with 10x Digital




12. Walter Kaufmann with P3 Group





And who could end the series without showcasing (again) everyone’s favorite mascot – Caper the Corgi is always up for getting into whatever’s going on around here.

13. Caper the Corgi with Endeavor




Endeavor is much more than shared workspace. Endeavor is a community of support and collaboration, with an impressive and welcoming array of members and visitors who make every day special. And so productive! THANK YOU to our members for helping make our 2nd annual 12 Days of Members series such a hit. You can check out last years #12Days series here, and explore our membership options to learn how you can join our community.


Taylor Wright is the Communications Coordinator for Endeavor. To see the original Instagram posts for this year’s #12DaysofMembers, check out our Instagram or Facebook – and be sure to give these members a follow.