Endeavor Summer Series: 5 Questions with Matt Green

Hi everyone, I’m back for the last entry in my  Endeavor Summer Series. This week, we are highlighting Endeavor Private Desk member, Matt Green. Matt is the owner of Ledger Medial, founded in 2020 during the pandemic. Ledger Medial provides accounting services for small business owners. They specialize in monthly bookkeeping, employee tax, and compliance and advisory services. I wanted to dig a little deeper into who Matt is and his journey to get here. Find out more about Matt and who he is in his answers below.


  • What does Ledger Medial do for their clients?
    • “There’s really no one size fits all. We have once-a-year tax clients with a simple W2 or someone with multiple business and rental properties. We also do monthly all-inclusive bookkeeping and tax advisory servides. We seem to do a lot more to help businesses in terms of just deciding on how to take on partners and how to structure their business. We register LLCs. We’re on the verge of moving forward with full blown CFO services.”


  • How did the company go from an idea to a business within a pandemic?
    • I had the idea for a while. I built this on a virtual business model. Most firms have two to three offices and there is really no way for them to unwire their structure to have a virtual business model. I started by joining networking groups and I made a spreadsheet of every group that did not have an accountant within a 100-mile radius. I would zoom into meetings to introduce myself and then try to schedule one-to-one. At one point I was getting referrals from 9 different B&I groups; things like that as well as getting on podcasts helped with growing my clientele. So that’s how I got started.”


  • What does your career timeline look like?
    • Coming out of high school, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and that was to play in a band. I went for it! A friend of mine and I, out of high school, got together and moved to Nashville. I ended up going to school in Nashville for audio engineering but never pursued it further. Once I met my wife and we started to build our family with the kids, I went to school for accounting and received my bachelor’s and master’s. I decided to go into accounting because I look at that field like the medical field. Everyone needs an accountant, and I knew if I made it through school, I would get a job. There’s no gray area in this industry; it was a very black and white decision.”


  • What made coworking an attractive option to your virtual business?
    • “I needed somewhere to bring clients, and the Endeavor community is another opportunity to network and meet people. I have clients from different companies within the community. Nate (another accountant within the Endeavor community) sends me clients as well. The security from my desk is a great thing to have because I am dealing with my client’s information. The free printing is a plus; having to print tax returns is more convenient here.”


  • What is your superpower?
    • “I think maintaining relationships is what I’m good at. There are always people that have drama and don’t like other people, but I don’t have that problem. Everyone likes me and maybe I’m too passive. Maybe it’s not a good thing. I don’t know, but I will say I give a lot of financial advice and I’m very transparent. If I can’t fit the work in, I will refer someone else to do it. If I have something come up, I let my clients know immediately. The honesty is what helps me maintain those relationships with clients and peers within the industry.”


It was a pleasure talking with Matt and getting to know him and his company through his journey to Endeavor. He is a true example of pivoting through your career and understanding the need when the time comes. Find out more about Matt and Ledger Medial through their website. https://ledgermedial.com/