Endeavor Summer Series: 5 Questions with Ramon Nieves-Lugo

By Taylor Wright, Communications Coordinator


June 22, 2023 – Hi everyone, I’m back! We are continuing our summer series with Ramon Nieves-Lugo. His company, (UMG) Unicomm Media Group, founded in 2010, is a Marketing agency located in Greenville, SC that helps clients engage the Hispanic market. Their goal is to help brands build long lasting relationships with the Hispanic demographic as it’s the fastest growing demographic in the United States. Ramon is a leader in this work and his perspective on the importance of inclusion and culture is relevant work. Find out more about Ramon in his answers below.


  • What does your day-to-day look like being the head of UMG?
    • “So, I am the face of the company. I am making sure that my team, internally, can see me, but externally I have to make sure that I am working with my clients and letting them know I’m here. I am letting them know that things are going well – and having that established interaction is super important. Lastly, on the thought leadership side and in this niche industry, we have to work through things as an agency. Making sure the communication is happening is very important to me.”


  • What was the purpose behind creating UMG?
    • “We saw the need for companies, especially in the Southeast region, to be able to connect with the Hispanic demographic. There was and continues to be immense growth in the Hispanic market. Is there a company that can help connect the brand with the market? Help them tell their story in this growing demographic? So that’s where it came out of. We are really implementing strategy and creativity for clients. We help implement those plans and now after 11 years we are a full-service Hispanic agency. Now we really help clients understand who their Hispanic audience is, implementing strategy and creativity, and looking at their media.”


  • What is the goal for UMG?
    • “Our mission is to be a strong voice and influencer in the multicultural space. When it comes to the advertising marketing industry, we know there’s a lot of gaps in employment and representation. There’s a lot of things that we want to be a voice for and lend help where we can. We want to be one of the top 5 multicultural agencies in the US. We are hoping to do that in less than 10 years, and be driven by that goal and those areas.“


  • What makes coworking an attractive option for you?
    • “The flexibility of having a space where I can go and work in a new space. I can disconnect from my own little office within the agency. I can just be there at Endeavor; being somewhere else allows me to focus on other things that I couldn’t at my office. The location being in downtown and having the ability to bring clients and team members into Endeavor is awesome. The networking connections are great, and I always go into Endeavor and meet new people.“


  • What’s your superpower?
    • “As far as the agency, I think one of the superpowers that I love having for our agency is we will have clients come to us and say, “We are looking for a specific segment of the Hispanic community and we can’t seem to find it.” That has been an awesome superpower, where they can give us characteristics of who they’re looking for within the community and with that information, we are not only able to create a profile but we’re able to show them where their users are through a digital campaign. For a lot of clients, they don’t realize how big the opportunity is. It’s been a cool experience seeing that superpower. Now that it’s more challenging to track customers with cookies and privacy changes, it’s been a great asset to have the ability to still narrow in on where our client’s audience is and be able to connect with them.”


It was a pleasure talking with Ramon and getting to know the purpose behind his agency. His leadership and vision inspire me to stay motivated in identifying needs and opportunities for my community. Find out more about Ramon and Unicomm Media Group through their website: www.umg.agency