Endeavor’s Guide to Working from Home

According to Buffer’s 2022 State of Remote Work report, more than 70 percent of surveyed companies now allow some degree of permanent remote work. Almost 50 percent are fully remote, and just 16 percent require employees to come into the office full-time. 

There’s no denying it: the remote model is here to stay, but not everyone can be productive at home. Some need the structure of an actual workplace to focus and tune out distractions. If you find remote work more challenging than some of your colleagues, here are a few tips to make it easier and ultimately more successful—no matter where you hustle. 

Switch Up Your Routine at a Coworking Space

If you prefer an environment that feels more like a traditional office than your couch, a coworking space is a perfect solution. Sometimes a simple change in routine and scenery is all it takes to refuel those productivity juices. 

Here at Endeavor, our coworking space is furnished with comfortable, spacious work tables and seating areas, standing desks, phone booths for private conversations, and meeting rooms (included with memberships and also available to rent). You’ll also have access to high-speed WiFi, bottomless coffee, a community kitchen, and print, scan, and copy services. 

To test out all these amenities before investing in full membership, we recommend a coworking day pass. This option allows you to choose when it’s most convenient for you—once a week, a few times per month, or anything in between. For just a $25 daily fee (or $225 for ten uses with no expiration date), a coworking day pass is ideal for professionals who value flexibility in their schedules.  

Make Sure You Have Access to the Right Tech

Access to an efficient, high-quality tech stack can make all the difference when you’re part of a virtual team. A recent survey indicates that over 90 percent of employees are frustrated with the digital channels they use regularly. 

A fully optimized tech stack will streamline communication, collaboration, and project management, boosting your job performance and making it much easier to finish all the tasks on your to-do list. Here are some of the most popular digital channels any remote worker could tap into:

  • Slack: for team communication and collaboration
  • Asana: for internal project management
  • Google Drive: for content planning and creation
  • Kejabi: for email marketing automation
  • Canva: for graphic, social media, or presentation design
  • Wisestamp: for professional email templates
  • Adobe Acrobat: for PDF document creation or editing
  • Quickbooks: for business payments and invoices
  • Calendly: for scheduling or time management
  • TextExpander: for automated internal or client memos

Infuse Creativity into Your Normal Workflow

Maybe one of the reasons you feel less productive is that your current work routine feels too repetitive or just plain dull. You may have fallen into a rut and no longer find much excitement in your job. It happens to the best of us!

In that case, it might help to look for creative ways to restructure your workflow—and rejuvenate your enthusiasm, satisfaction, and productivity. 

Spending most of the workday in front of a computer screen can start to feel monotonous, making you more prone to distractions or procrastination. The following ideas can spark creativity, helping to banish boredom, maintain optimal brain function and energize your overall performance:

  • Start each morning with a meditation practice to help increase your focus ahead of the workday.  
  • Listen to instrumental or ambient music to uplift your mood, stimulate your brain waves, and inspire flexible thinking and creative problem-solving.
  • Pause for intermittent micro-breaks to reward yourself for finishing a task and recoup the energy levels you need to crank out that next project. Any chance you can take to get up and move around will help.
  • Look for opportunities to collaborate with your team—new ideas, solutions, angles, and innovations are born from consistent human interaction.  
  • Change up your body position. Work standing up for a while, sit upright at a desk or counter, move to a comfy sofa with your feet up – even try sitting on the floor if you’re comfortable there. Endeavor designed its coworking areas with all of those options because being creative about how and where you sit or stand can impact how you think and how productive you can be.
  • Designate a work environment that taps into a creative mindset. Our coworking spaces are ideal for this, with open layouts, natural light, wellness amenities, and colorful design elements—further incentive to try a coworking day pass.

Master Your Work From Home Time

Remote life has definite perks, but it can also be challenging. This guide was built for you if you’re not as productive working from home as in an office, or you’re simply curious to try something different every now and then. We hope these strategies will boost your motivation, performance, creativity, and satisfaction on the job—and be sure to utilize Endeavor’s coworking day pass for the ultimate remote flexibility!