GDTB: How to Coach Your Client

HOW TO COACH YOUR CLIENT (into being a better client)

Tuesday, October 12th                              12:00-1:00pm


Getting Down to Business is Endeavor’s quarterly, members-only training series offering pro tips and tools to help you run smart, grow your business and develop your career.

This month we have the second of two trainings from our members Jason Blumer & Julie Shipp — whose companies Blumer and Thriveal work with companies and agencies around the country to facilitate business transformation through onsite consulting and business coaching.


This session promises to be quite fascinating for anyone who deals with clients as part of their business. Seriously, who can’t use more of these magic skills when it comes to improving client relationships?! Here are the details:
HOW TO COACH YOUR CLIENT (into being a better client)
Tuesday, October 12th

Aiding others through a coaching process, formal or informal, and helping them think more clearly can lead to greater understanding for entrepreneurial professionals, and better, more productive and successful relationships all around. Seating is limited, so RSVP to Sally to reserve your spot.