Giving Your Time Away: Good for Your Business and Good for Your Soul

There’s no doubt time is a precious resource. Despite our fast-paced world of technology and automation, time is still one of the best gifts you can give someone else. Over time, you may be surprised how that choice positively impacts your business, too.

We know it sounds counterintuitive: How can giving away your precious time result in more opportunities? 

The secret is that giving back to your community indirectly affects your personal prosperity. Spending time on worthy causes boosts your well-being, opens new paths to financial growth and offers exceptional networking opportunities.

The Mentor Mentality

When you were a new professional in your field, you likely had a career mentor or supervisor who guided you to the success you experience now. Most mentors do so for free. There’s an excellent reason: mentorship builds a prosperous future for the industry you’re in. 

Think about the first time someone gave you career advice, personal support or any other free help when you started. How did this experience make you feel? Would you say that you grew personally and professionally because of it? 

Now, think about being that person for others. Giving back isn’t limited to one kind of volunteering. You can help your community grow and thrive by setting up the next generation of professionals for success. 

The Benefits of Giving Back

Volunteer work is typically viewed as a personal sacrifice. You give up hours of your time in exchange for other demands and hard work. However, we encourage you to think of it another way. Here’s why you should consider giving more time away:

Credibility and Integrity 

Regardless of the industry you’re a part of, having a circle of people around you who believe and trust in you is essential. Credibility and integrity go a long way when it comes to  professional (and personal) success. Giving back to the community is the perfect opportunity for you to show up as your best self. 

Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. When your industry and community members see you giving your time away for various causes, keeping your commitment to volunteer in this way, and performing your volunteer job well, they’ll come to view you in a positive light. This image can open doors for you in both your personal and professional lives. The more people who know, like, believe in and trust the real you, the more likely they are to hire you or refer you to friends and colleagues needing the services you offer. 

Strong Relationships

Humans are social creatures. You weren’t meant to do everything alone, and you don’t have to. By giving back to the community through volunteer events, serving on local boards and becoming a mentor, you can build stronger friendships than ever before. This kind of relationship-building develops much stronger bonds than simply attending networking events, and we believe is an important part of any goal to grow your circle of contacts and grow your business.

You’ll naturally spend more time with different groups of people in your charitable endeavors. This exposes you to new potential friends as well – you might be surprised by who you connect with! A robust social network outside your career can boost happiness, belonging and self-esteem.

New Opportunities

By networking, making new personal and professional connections and getting your name out there, you’re exposing your business to opportunities for growth. You may meet new customers, investors and other important people along the way who can help your business reach new levels. Don’t sell yourself short while giving away your time—you could be on to something great!

Working at Endeavor: Networking, Collaboration and More

The more you give, the more you get. This is true in most areas of life, especially business and networking. At Endeavor, you can join forces with other professionals like yourself and (hopefully) expand your options for giving back. Join at one of our membership levels today and reserve a space to work where you can connect with others, grow your business, and enrich your professional life.