Got a Key Meeting Coming Up? Here’s What to Do

Whether you’re hosting a team brainstorm, delivering a client presentation or connecting with stakeholders, your location plays a role in your success. Finding an environment that feels professional and offers up-to-date equipment is crucial. Just as important, though: how does the space make your guests feel when they walk through the door?

Endeavor’s dynamic co-working areas and private rooms or offices come with all the tech hookups and amenities you need to host a successful, collaborative meeting – and the bright, welcoming environment means your participants are in a positive mindset right from the start. If you’ve got an important hold on your calendar coming up, here are a few ways to elevate the meeting:

Select the Right Venue 

Start by choosing a space that accommodates your meeting format and objectives. Do you want an informal spot to collaborate with team members or a quiet location to execute a new client pitch? The noise level, spatial configuration and onsite amenities will impact the meeting’s flow, so consider your priorities when choosing a venue. The meeting rooms here at Endeavor feature high-speed, secure WiFi, access to audiovisual tools, and a comfortable, interactive atmosphere that you can tailor to suit attendees.

Harness Technology

Video conference tools let remote attendees take an active role from any location. We all know a CEO on the go—but that doesn’t mean they should be left out of the conversation. Online Interactive whiteboards help organize and streamline your brainstorming sessions, while presentation software allows for smooth delivery. And to be honest, here’s the best advice we can give you: test out all your technology well before the meeting starts. You don’t want to realize you brought the wrong cable right before showtime.One great thing about Endeavor, if you realize you’ve arrived without the connector you need, there’s a good chance we have one.

Plan Out Your Agenda

Before the meeting, create an agenda that clearly outlines the topics you want to cover and the goals you aim to achieve. Share this agenda with your in-person and remote attendees at least 24 hours in advance so they have time to consider the talking points and how they want to contribute. This effort keeps everyone focused on the same result, promoting a concise, relevant discussion. When you plan ahead and stick to an agenda, you’ll avoid unnecessary tangents.

Focus on Collaboration 

Set a tone of open dialogue and active participation among your attendees so everyone’s voice can be heard. Incorporate breakout sessions, team-building activities, group discussions or other interactive elements into your agenda to spark diverse ideas. Working together will give your attendees a sense of ownership for the outcome and encourage them to turn your conversation into actionable, concrete results. Anytime you can get attendees out of their chairs and interacting is a win. No one enjoys sitting for hours, and movement is proven to help keep people engaged and inspire creative thinking.    

Provide Refreshments

Having refreshments on hand can help your attendees remain alert and energetic, boosting their productivity in the meeting. We make this part easy at Endeavor—all our co-working spaces and conference rooms include access to bottomless coffee, an onsite community break space and other amenities. As you plan out which in-meeting refreshments to offer, consider dietary restrictions and preferences to create an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere.    

Send Out a Follow-Up

After the meeting, follow up with each attendee to summarize the main takeaways, action items and next steps. Send out minutes or a report of the discussion to ensure everyone is on the same page and aware of their responsibilities.

Follow-up communication will reinforce accountability and sustain momentum as your team moves forward. You can also gather feedback to evaluate the meeting’s success and locate areas of improvement. Then, work their input into future meetings to create continuity.

Find the Perfect Meeting Space in Greenville, SC

A successful meeting space in Greenville, SC, gives you access to the right tools and environment that encourage collaboration and thoughtful execution. When all the right variables come together, everyone has a seamless and genuinely enjoyable experience. At Endeavor, we have the ideal settings and resources to meet your business needs. Reach out to learn more about hosting your next meeting with us!