Meet the participants of the #EndeavorFive challenge.

For Endeavor’s fifth birthday, we invited local individuals and small businesses to share five facts about themselves in the spirit of building community. Much more than a coworking and shared workspace, Endeavor is all about amplifying local voices and facilitating new connections. So without further ado… If you do business in Greenville, here’s who you need to know.

3 solopreneurs who take the headaches away

Courtney Fillner // “The Local” // Social Media Management


5 quick facts you may (or may not) know about Courtney:

  1. I own a social media management and content creation business 
  2. I LOVE helping local businesses tackle their social media headaches
  3. I traveled around the U.S. Mexico and Canada with my family in a RV for one year 
  4. I shoot with a Sony a79IV and it’s attached to my hip 50% of the time 
  5. I started The Local Greenville 4 years ago as a creative outlet
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Ryan Hodges // “Mind of the Financier” // Financial Coaching & Education

5 fun facts about Ryan’s business:

  1. Inspiring others to build the LifeStyle they desire 
  2. Growth mindset 
  3. Teaching others financial education 
  4. Showing others how to create passive income, multiple streams of income and investing 
  5. Financial independence
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Beth Beutler // “H.O.P.E. Unlimited” // Virtual Administrative Assistance


Aside from publishing a book this year, here are 5 things Beth is proud of:

  1. Owner of H.O.P.E. Unlimited, Helping Others Pursue Excellence, BethBeutler.com
  2. Greenville County Enthusiast 
  3. Author, Soft Skills Educator, Personal Growth Guide and Virtual Assistant/Coach 
  4. Mom to a sleepy kitten named Turbo (there’s some irony!)
  5. Endeavor Day Passer (who DID inspire the 10-pack membership option!)
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3 teams with a contagious company culture

The masters of finding joy at work. These Greenvillians are guaranteed to put a smile on your face, whether that’s during a client meeting or after-work drinks. 


“9/8 Central” // Video Production

WATCH THE VIDEO: 5 Things about 9/8 Central

They make videos that make you money. They also do this: 

  1. We get your content out to everyone who needs to see it with a custom social media strategy.
  2. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you — with a fully loaded grip truck, some really bright light and “enough coffee to overdose a hipster.”
  3. We also have a studio for livestreaming. Think: TV shows, radio shows, webinars and podcasts.
  4. Over the years, we’ve been able to work with some of the biggest and best-known brands in Greenville and the world. But what really gets us excited is making a difference in people’s lives and their businesses.
  5. When we want to get really creative, we go to Endeavor for intense brainstorming sessions — and we bring our clients!
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“Hughes Agency” // Public Relations 

You thought you knew the Hughes Agency, but did you know about all of this?

  1. Our CEO, Velda Hughes, can do a split. She does so every year on her birthday! Yeah, she’s still got it. Velda’s been running this organization for over 30 years.
  2. While we’re known for our PR and events prowess, we’re actually a full-service agency that handles all aspects of marketing and communications for local, regional and national clients.
  3. Our team manages Avenue, home to some of Greenville’s most elegant events. We partner with Table 301 to keep our guests (and their tastebuds) satisfied and coming back for more.
  4. Everyone in our office has a nickname – just ask Teacup, Bevvy, or Stinger.
  5. We take our clients, our jobs, and our team very seriously. We take fun seriously too!
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Jennifer Floyd // “HR Experts on Demand” // Human Resources 

Sometimes positive company culture comes from one person’s ability to appreciate the little things. Jennifer Floyd brought her fun personality to life with a creative spin on the #EndeavorFive challenge, showcasing her 5 favorite workday essentials:

  1. Metallic Sharpies
  2. Lavender lattes from Methodical Coffee
  3. All the fancy stationery
  4. Peepers Readers Peepers by PeeperSpecs
  5. Greta, my golden doodle daughter
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3 services for when you should really hire an expert

Elizabeth Clark // “BPI Media” // Printing & Business Solutions 

DYK BPI Media Group offers these top 5 services and more?

  1. Offest printing since 1979
  2. Digital printing since 2007
  3.  Storefront solutions and fulfillment since 2011
  4. Wide-format printing since 2013
  5. Label printing – NEW for 2021!
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“Arbé Digital” // Web Development

Married with kids… and a thriving business. Here’s what makes the Arbés special:

  1. What we do: Design and develop marketing websites and full-blown custom software.
  2. Where we’re from: Maryland & New Jersey, but Greenville is home.
  3. How we get new business: We. Just. Care. We’ve been in business for 10 years. We deliver on what we promise and the referrals have continued to come our way.
  4. How can you work with your spouse? We’re both pretty easy-going people, but we also complement each other’s strengths. Erick also awarded Danielle with “Employee of the Year” (stiff competition). 
  5. Goal: To travel and work from a new city for at least a full month each year. Ideally, abroad.
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Lindsey McMillion Stemann // “LinkedIn Lindsey” // Business Coaching 

5 is the magic number around here. Our member Lindsey’s business is also turning 5 this year!

  1. 🐕‍🦺 My fur kid is named Tater Todd (yep, t-o-d-d)
  2. ⚾ When all the other kids dressed up as doctors and firefighters for career day, I dressed up as Cal Ripken Jr… Ask me about when I met him and became a star-struck, blubbering mess…
  3. 📍 I am based in South Carolina and work from @EndeavorGreenville, but my clients, including large companies, executives, small business owners, and individuals are all over the country!
  4. 💪🏻 We are in the empowerment business: We equip our clients to take charge of their online reputation on LinkedIn so they can confidently connect with purpose to increase their revenue.
  5. 🎉 My company’s 5th birthday is this year too!
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The Endeavor team wanted to play, too

Kylie Miller // “Endeavor Greenville” // Marketing & Communications

Get to know Endeavor’s Communications Coordinator, Kylie:

  1. Born & raised in Leesburg, VA
  2. Graduated from Clemson in 2020 (exactly a year ago!) with a dual degree in Marketing and Communication
  3. Seen Wicked the musical 8 times in 5 different cities
  4. Passionate, sustainability, and the oxford comma.
  5. First time at Endeavor was in college for a Collaborators & Cocktails with the Swamp Rabbit Café founders. Now I live in GVL, work for Endeavor, and bike to SRC all the time!
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Caper the Corgi // “Endeavor Greenville” // Influencer Marketing & Office Morale 

You know her, you love her, and OF COURSE, she was the first to submit her #EndeavorFive. Caper is the backbone of this whole operation.

  1. 1 of 8 puppies in litter
  2. 7-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  3. Loves to sniff tires (ok?)
  4. Darren sneaks me 1 chip per day
  5. Luckiest dog EVER with my Endeavor Family
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And finally, Endeavor’s very own #EndeavorFive  

WATCH THE VIDEO: Endeavor’s #EndeavorFive

  1. We’re coworking for creative professionals & professional creatives
  2. Anyone can buy a $25 Day Pass or hourly Meeting Rooms — not just members!
  3. Dark Roast just barely outpaces Jamaican Me Crazy at the coffee bar
  4. Our view onto ONE City Plaza is ALWAYS fascinating to watch
  5. Our signature networking and speaker series Collaborators & Cocktails returns in September!
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