How to Accelerate Success with a Coworking Space

If you’re on a mission to expand your company or elevate your craft, your plan probably hinges on maximizing opportunities without increasing costs. A coworking space like Endeavor is designed to help you meet those objectives—and evolve as your work does.

Accelerate Success with a Coworking Space

Every entrepreneur or employee wants to set themself up for success from day one. But expediting that success is an entirely different story. Endeavor knows the growing pains of business and can help offset those challenges with our coworking space model. Some of the potential benefits include:

Keep Costs Down

As an entrepreneur, you need a place to meet clients and collaborate with team members, but leasing office space is expensive. Committing to multiple years of rent, utilities,  furnishings and buying or leasing office equipment can weigh heavy on any budget. Endeavor offers flex coworking with daytime access for less than you’d spend on morning coffee and a downtown lunch. 

Other budget-friendly options include plans for ten days per month or weekday passes. And as your team grows, you can adjust your membership  to add a private desk, an office or a business teams membership.

Project Professionalism

Even if your business is brand new, it’s important to look professional for clients, customers and potential partners. We encourage our members to use our conference rooms and event venues in the heart of Greenville to impress and reassure their clients that they’re in good hands 

You can leave those extra details that make the difference up to us. A receptionist will be here to greet your clients, and we have tech support to help your presentations go smoothly. You can give a sales pitch in an AV-equipped meeting room, host a private meeting in a secluded area  room or host  a luncheon for up to 12 in the dining room.

Boost Productivity

While working from home has its merits, it also has pets, family and endless interruptions. A business-minded environment can boost your productivity and help you cross everything off your to-do list – in less time than you’d spend working from home. For a solopreneur, brainstorming with other professionals can even help refine your business strategies. 

The benefits of a coworking space also extend to your entire team. If you have remote team members, schedule face-to-face meetings to encourage in-person collaboration without creating a back-to-office policy. Your team will have access to all the tools they need. We have high-speed Wi-Fi throughout our facility, and you’re welcome to use our printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines (which we’d like to outlaw since it’s 2023, but it’s true that most people still do need to fax something every couple of years).

And finally, when you or your team need a recharge after brainstorming sessions, you can take a fitness break in our fully-equipped gym to clear your mind before returning to work.


Pro Endeavor tip: bring your business cards because a coworking space is a networker’s dream. Interacting with diverse professionals and business owners helps you find clients, investors, and contractors. Instead of shaking hands as fast as you can at a reception, you can really get to know freelancers, entrepreneurs and other professionals (and they’ll get to know you) over coffee, during lunch and at the monthly events we host in our shared spaces. You never know who might walk in the door tomorrow, and enhance your world. !

For additional marketing opportunities, browse our directory and connect with other members. Endeavor also hosts Collaborators and Cocktails, a speakers series where members and other attendees network and hear from business leaders like Fabio Tambosi, former head of Global Brand Communications for adidas. 

Accelerating Success with a Coworking Space

If you’re running a small business or expanding your workflow, using a coworking space lets you access essential amenities at a very reasonable price. Whether you need a professional environment with high-speed internet or a downtown meeting space for client presentations, Endeavor has you covered. Let us help your team collaborate more effectively and help you find clients and professional services.