Let’s Talk SEO: Presented by Infinity Marketing

In March, Endeavor hosted a members-only watch party for Infinity Marketing’s first Let’s Talk webinar of 2022. Thomas Broadus, Infinity’s director of digital content and strategy, shared the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the tools needed to maximize organic traffic to your website, boost keyword results, and drive conversions.

Broadus began the presentation by explaining SEO as “all the tools that we use to make sure a website is the answer to someone’s query” – a particularly helpful place to start, since attendees had everything from direct experience to no experience with SEO.


Those tools are divided into three different buckets to help ensure this goal:

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO
  3. Technical SEO


On-page SEO is content you control. Tools include:

  • Content – the copy and imagery visible to users on your website
  • Keywords – the search terms that you rank for on your website
  • Metadata – the unseen SEO elements that identify the title and description of each page
  • User Experience – design, layout, navigation, and ease of use


Off-page SEO is content generated that is not on your website. Tools include:

  • Site Trust – how much do the search engines trust your site
  • Linking – internal sitelinks that appear on your site
  • Backlinks – links from other websites to your site
  • Social Media – the interaction between social media accounts and your site


Technical SEO is everything in the code of your website. Tools include:

  • Page Speed – how quickly your site loads on desktop and mobile
  • Site Security – the level of security for your site and user data
  • Structured Data – code that informs search engines and social platforms about the most important information on your site
  • Functionality – how well the site and its processes perform in web browsers


It all boils down to good content and analytics. Are you posting new content on a consistent basis? Are you posting the type of content that grows your business? Are you beating your competitors in organic search?

In today’s competitive market, SEO is more important than ever. Millions of users a day use search engines to answer their questions, and the majority of search engine traffic goes to the top 5 results. Users generally rely on and trust search engines, and having a presence in a top position for the keywords being searched increases users’ trust in you and your website. Without a strong SEO strategy, you will see lower ranking in search results, which will lead to less organic traffic and less visibility for your business over time.