Katie Hildebrand

Executive Director, Erwin Center for Brand Communications

Katie Hildebrand’s career has been focused on leveraging technology to help form stronger and more personalized connections between brands and consumers, and providing students with new ways to think about brands through education in technology.

After graduating from Ohio University with a Bachelor of ScienceĀ degree in Journalism and Advertising, she began her career at a Cincinnati-based digital agency, where she specialized in digital content and interactive technology, leading various interactive projects for Procter and Gamble’s Home Care brands. She joined Erwin Penland in 2011 and led the interactive work for a financial services client, focused on expanding their digital presence, and also spent time as an Executive Producer.

As one of the first adjunct professors for Clemson’s Erwin Center for Brand Communications, Katie developed a passion for preparing students to enter the ever-changing world of marketing and advertising. She spent three years teaching the digital technology course at Clemson, where she worked to help students think differently about technology, social communication and data, and how to leverage their skills in these areas for career development. Her passion for education also led her to co-found of The Pixelry, a code camp for young girls with the objective of facilitating interest in STEM at an early age.

What excites her about The Erwin Center and branding education is the ability to generate learning strategies that channel thinking for the future development of new brands, products, technology, and communications. She hopes to create a roadmap that will facilitate collaboration with other programs within the College of Business to further establish The Erwin Center for Brand Communications as an innovative and marketable program to students, agencies, and brands.

Reach her atĀ [email protected].