Lena Barakat

Communications Coordinator, Endeavor

Lena Barakat joined Endeavor as Communications Coordinator in July 2023. Lena graduated from Clemson University in May 2023 as a Marketing major with a minor in Brand Communications. She gained professional experience at Chase Bank, Chick-fil-A, and Prisma Health in high school and college. 

At Clemson, Lena was heavily involved in the Erwin Center for Brand Communications. She was a Brand Strategist at Cadency, Clemson’s student-led agency, and participated in the AdPR Academy program for diversity & inclusion within the University of Georgia. She was a recipient of the Eugene and Valerie Getchell Scholarship for Advertising, presented by Joe Erwin (long before either of them knew their paths would cross again). Lena wrapped up her senior year as a media intern at FerebeeLane, a marketing agency in Greenville committed to “connecting culture brands with people in meaningful, memorable ways.” 

Lena’s role as part of the Endeavor team includes overseeing social media accounts, owning Endeavor’s brand presence online, and maintaining the website. Lena tracks social media engagement and content marketing strategies, monitors paid media campaigns, provides event support, and coordinates public relations activities involving Endeavor and its members. She also manages relationships with Endeavor’s agency partners and helps develop outreach projects involving members.

Reach her at [email protected]