by Lindsay Odom

MEET THE AUTHOR: Communications Coordinator and Columbia native Lindsay Odom received her degree from Clemson University before joining the Endeavor team in May 2017. In addition to social media responsibilities, Lindsay is interviewing Endeavor members to learn (and share) more about marketing, agency life, entrepreneurship, and what it means to create meaningful work for clients. 

Before I sat down with Ramon, I thought this was going to be another typical interview about a marketing firm and the projects they do for their. clients. After thanking Ramon for sitting down with me and explaining the blogs I’m writing about Endeavor members, I opened up the floor to him: “tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got started in your company.”

“I was born in Puerto Rico…” –– my mind immediately went to the short time I spend in Puerto Rico a few summers ago. In my mind, Puerto Rico is a unique blend of Charleston and Granada. A lot of people I’ve talked to at Endeavor come from city backgrounds, but nowhere like the island of Puerto Rico.

It always interests me to see how people like Ramon end up in Greenville. If you read my blog post from last week, you know that I used to believe that moving to New York City or Los Angeles shows that you’re serious about a marketing or communications career.

Well, this internship is proving me wrong. Ramon went to Bob Jones University to study marketing, and then got his Masters in Business Administration. After graduating in 2009, he found himself in that exciting but maybe more stressful time we’ve all experienced –– looking for a job.

Ramon decided to take matters into his own hands with his brother, Gustavo. Together, they created a full-service marketing agency that, in Ramon’s words, “helps brands and companies reach the Hispanic market.” I was curious to see what was special about UniComm Media Group, and I had some more investigating to do. What sets them apart from every other marketing company, and why is it so important to start a marketing agency just for the Hispanic community?

So, I asked Ramon one of my favorite questions: what’s one of your favorite current projects? Spoiler alert, it’s not from a small client. “Greenville Health System contracted us to be their Hispanic community consultants,” Ramon shared. “I can really see the difference we make in the Hispanic community though health communication.”

I was blown away that a small company with a business plan drafted in Ramon’s parents’ house on a white board the size of a TV could grow to represent one of the largest healthcare organizations in the southeast. I was touched that Ramon made his life purpose one of combining his roots with his passion for marketing and communications.

Besides large clients like GHS and Scansource, Ramon also works with agencies, some larger and some smaller than UniComm Media Group. They’re categorized into three core tenets: strategy, execution and creativity. Recently, UniComm rebranded an Atlanta dental office, designed a billboard and other campaign materials for a law group, and represented the Michelin Development Company at the Mexican and Central American Independence Day Festival. “It’s a different experience with all of our clients,” Ramon shared. “They’re all a part of different markets, and on top of that, we’re challenged to use a different language and design strategy than a U.S. based market.” UniComm Media Group also shares Hispanic marketing tips and tricks on their website, “El Blog,” that I’ve already learned so much from after talking to Ramon. Trust me, you’re going to want to check it out.

So what’s the best part? “Bringing value to our clients,” Ramon answered with confidence. After all, that’s the purpose of marketing, and Ramon and his team have and will continue to successfully make connections that cross cultures.