Insider Tips for Recruiting and Hiring Great Employees

Always Recruit. Always. Always. Every Day. Today. Right Now!


June 14, 2022 – Endeavor’s latest Getting Down to Business series featured Jennifer Floyd, President of HR Experts on Demand, a practical and customized outsourced HR support and consulting services business. HR Experts on Demand works with any and all industries to provide the stepping stones, building blocks and pathways for your company to achieve optimal HR and employee success.

Floyd has had a 25+ successful year career in human resources, helping both large and small companies recruit and keep employees, making her the perfect candidate to speak on a topic that resonates with so many business owners, hiring managers, and job seekers these days. Floyd provided her eager audience of Endeavor members with insider tips for both recruiting and hiring great employees.


Here are some guidelines for navigating the effects of the so called, “Great Resignation.”


  1. Always recruit. Always. Always. Every day. Today. Right now!

You are met with talented and diligent candidates everywhere you go, whether you know it or not. Pay attention to your interaction with your server, your bank teller, the clerk at the register. As Ralph Fiennes famously said, “You can teach skills; you can’t teach character.” Your next top employee could be standing right in front in you, so always be recruiting.


  1. List the salary in your job posting.

When it comes to applying and accepting a new job, there are many factors to consider. Company culture, benefits, growth potential and flexibility are important, but let’s be honest – money talks. Adding the salary to the job description can give you a competitive advantage in a saturated market.


  1. Court your potential employees.

Treat your applicants like they are a customer. Whether there is a war for talent or not, use the interview process to start treating candidates the way you would want to be treated if the tables were turned. Doing this right lets applicants know what will be expected of them once they’re hired. Applicants talk to others, and the stories they tell can help build or destroy your company’s reputation.


  1. Onboard, onboard, onboard.

Often, employers think that the hard part is over once they put forward a job offer to a candidate, and the candidate accepts. Yet, it has become abundantly clear in the last year that this is not the case. In March 2022, a record high of 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs, leaving a staggering 11.5 million job openings by the end of the month. One way to help address this, says Floyd, is to focus on your company or business’s onboarding process. Onboarding can make or break a new hire’s experience. A good onboarding will engage and further commit an employee to their role in your organization, resulting in boosted efficiency and output. A poor experience, on the other hand, will promote disengagement in the workplace, causing additional resignations and open positions.


Floyd closed her presentation by leaving her audience with the same sensible advice she opened with: Always recruit. Always. Always. Every day. Today. Right now!”