The Reviews Are In: Why Our Members Choose Endeavor

One of the best things about coworking spaces is flexibility—and for so many people, Endeavor’s unique space can become whatever they need it to be. While some members host client meetings in conference rooms, another member works out at the gym, and others are networking down the hall. No two days look the same when you walk through our doors.

What Our Members Have to Say

But at the end of the day, we know that our take isn’t the most important one out there. It’s all about what our members think! We recently spoke with the Endeavor community to hear why they choose to spend their workweek with us:

Working in an Energizing Environment

From Holly: “Every time I come to work at Endeavor, from the comfort of a quiet space glancing at the bustling downtown Greenville scene below, I feel like the work I do will be done with just a little bit more creativity.”

It’s no secret that your environment significantly impacts how you work—and that’s why we do things differently at Endeavor. One minute, you’re in the zone and focused in your personal office; the next, you’re talking shop in our community spaces. We want everyone to be able to find an environment inside Endeavor’s doors that elevates and inspires their work.


Going Beyond the Traditional Office

From Kara: “I came from working in a very traditional corporate setting to working in the Endeavor space, and it has brought so much color, literally and figuratively, into my day-to-day work life. I truly enjoy coming to work now!”

Since 2020, we’ve seen a surge in non-traditional working models. But for many, as member Rusty describes it, his prior workday consisted of just a “door and a desk.” Endeavor strives to become more than just an office space and meet all the needs of our members through unique programs, amenities, and an energetic yet professional culture. We thrive on operating outside the traditional office environment.


Working in the Heart of Downtown

From Beth: “It is wonderful to work in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere…around people, but without the type of noise that can occur at a coffee shop… The flexibility makes Endeavor one of my go-to spaces downtown when I need a break from my home office.”

Greenville isn’t just a great place to get work done; it’s also a foodie and experience enthusiast’s paradise. When members aren’t working, we encourage them to explore our neighborhood, filled with delicious restaurants, unique shops, and community events. And our team and other members always have suggestions ready when someone needs input – from where to have lunch, to special events, to finding a good dentist.


Discovering Opportunities to Collaborate

From Matt: “…this is hands down the most welcoming collaborative environment in the ever-growing city of Greenville… Everyone is willing to lend a hand or ear, and the comforting spirit of this place is unmatched…Whether you’re freelancing or looking to start your own business, you won’t find a nicer setting with more like-minded folks anywhere.”

It takes a village to build a business or get a project done. When you’re working from a home office or coffee shop, chances of in-person collaboration are slim. But for Endeavor members, there’s never a shortage of listening ears. You never know where your next source of inspiration could come from! Our member, David shared, “for professionals who need a space that fuels creativity in the most pleasant environment you can find, I couldn’t recommend Endeavor more highly.”


Getting the Most Value for Your Membership

From Emily: “I have had an amazing experience being a corporate member at Endeavor…Whether it’s the free coffee, on-site gym, or professional development events, I always feel like I am getting value from my membership.”

Unlike some coworking spaces, we’re so much more than desks and chairs. We want to provide our members with amenities and experiences that enhance their workday. At Endeavor, that means access to meeting rooms, online resource directory listings, gym access, lockable storage, mail delivery, branding in the lobby, and members-only events. Caroline, another member, takes advantage of it all and told us she always looks forward to the ”friendly faces… super-fast WiFi, the cool telephone booths, and amazing conference rooms.”


An Investment in Yourself (And Your Business)

No matter what you come into our space to do, our goal is to accelerate your success. Rachel, another incredible member who owns her own company, commented that “Endeavor represents an investment in both yourself and your business…” And to be honest, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. To learn more about our memberships, amenities, or office space options, don’t hesitate to contact the Endeavor team.