What to Expect at Endeavor Coworking

Coworking spaces combine your team’s creativity with opportunities for networking to produce great ideas and connections. At Endeavor Coworking, we believe that many of our members’ greatest accomplishments result from teamwork, shared innovation, increased focus & productivity, and our bright, creative spaces. If you want to tap in on that collaborative environment with your team, here’s what you can expect when you visit or become a member of  our coworking community:

Coworking Space Day Pass

For only 30 dollars a day, you can walk into Endeavor’s creative coworking spaces and work at your leisure. The Day Pass is perfect for professionals who travel frequently (and may even work from home) but want opportunities to work in an office-like environment. It’s also something to keep in mind if your home Internet goes out, or you have guests at home and need to focus on work for a while.

Some of the benefits of our Day Passes include:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Open workspaces that include standing desks, worktables and soft seating
  • Printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine access
  • Bottomless coffee
  • Community break space access
  • Covered bike parking
  • Private telephone booths
  • Mothers’ nursing room
  • Executive gym

Even if you only visit us for a day, you get access to these top-quality amenities—you’ll have everything you need to create a successful workday. If visits to our space become more frequent, you can purchase a ten-pack of Day Passes for 10 percent off. 

Flex Space Membership

Our month-to-month Daytime/Flex Space Memberships will make you an Endeavor member. For $125 to $300 per month, depending on how much time you’d like to spend here. With these, you’ll tap into member benefits that include:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi;Printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine access
  • Meeting roomsNetworking events
  • Gym with showers
  • Business listing in our Member Directory
  • Bottomless coffee 
  • Free professional development and training
  • Monthly Fun Food events
  • 24/7 building security with a doorman
  • Community break room access
  • Membership concierge and assistance
  • Tech support
  • Dry cleaning pickup and delivery
  • On-site UPS and FedEx dropbox
  • Private telephone booths
  • Nursing mothers’ room

These advantages extend far beyond what you’d expect from a standard office, and will give you all the tools you need throughout the day. One of the best benefits of our Daytime/Flex Space Membership is in the title: flexibility. We offer month-to-month five-day, ten-day, and every-weekday plans, allowing you to adjust your time in the office based on what’s happening in your life each month.

Dedicated Desk Membership

Finally, if you join as a 24/7 Private Desk member, you gain even more flexibility and access to our Endeavor Coworking spaces. For $375- $450/month, you get 24/7 access to your private desk and the gym, more free meeting hours each month, plus all of the Day Pass and Flex Space membership benefits.

Unique Dedicated Desk Membership benefits also include:

  • 24/7 access to gym and showers
  • 24/7 access to your private desk space
  • Locked storage at your desk
  • Special members-only rates at hotels in the area
  • Mailing address with package delivery
  • Branding on your workspaces and in the lobby video

These benefits are well-suited for busy professionals trying to launch their businesses and wanting a creative, energized, accessible work environment to do it. Endeavor Coworking can become your second home as you navigate a busy schedule from inside our walls.

How to Use Endeavor Coworking Spaces

The beauty of our coworking spaces is that you can use them however you need. Some companies purchase plans for entire teams, which helps spark innovation and positivity within a company’s culture. The more great minds that work toward bright ideas, the better. 

Others take advantage of our creative coworking spaces working as individuals. For instance, if you typically work remotely and need a change of scenery, our space can give you some out-of-home solace. And with our Day Pass option, you don’t have to commit to a membership to enjoy the benefits of our industry-leading spaces.

Team meetings, presentations, trainings , and networking events are also welcome (and encouraged) in the Endeavor Coworking space. Our private meeting rooms allow you to host events and connect with clients, professionals, and team members in a vibrant, exciting location during weekdays – and after hours and on weekends, there’s even more space and flexibility for larger receptions, retreats, showers and other celebrations.

Bright Ideas Belong at Endeavor

Endeavor Coworking welcomes your passion, drive, and diligence with open arms. Contact us today for more information about how our coworking spaces can improve your professional experience!